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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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a town hall meeting in cincinnati, where he will continue the push where the narrative that a vote for mitt romney is a vote for outsourcing. mitt romney's tax policy will result in more american jobs moving overseas. over the weekend, the president stood by his campaign attacks on mitt romney's business records saying there would be no apologies after a member of his campaign suggested that the republican contender may have broken the law by mi misrepresenting the law. >> sometimes these games are played during political campaigns. understand what the issue is here. mr. romney claims that he's mr. fix-it for the economy. because of his business experience. so i think voters entirely legitimately want to know, well what exactly was that business experience. >> romney has said he left bain in 1999 to run the winter olympics in salt lake city.
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but s.e.c. documents list romney as the president and ceo of the firm up until 2002. a period when some bain-owned companies outsourced american jobs overseas. yesterday on "meet the press," senior campaign adviser, ed gillespie defended his candidate. explaining that romney had retired rekt ed rek ed retro a. >> when he was on leave does he stand by business decisions that were made by the firm he created? >> he actually retired retroactively at that point because he ended up not going back to the firm after his time in salt lake city. so he was retired from bain. but look, bain is a good company, it's been very successful, it's helped create a lot of jobs and the fact is, private-sector experience is a beneficial thing, would be beneficial in the white house and the obama campaign -- >> he stands behind decisions that companies made about call centers or about outsourcing, which in a lot of circles is
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considered good business? >> in terms of stands by them, i don't know what you mean, they weren't his decisions, he wasn't there at the time those decisions were made. bain is a good company. >> despite demands from the romney campaign for an apology over the negative attacks, the obama campaign went upped the stakes with a new hack. jabbing at romney's business record, as well as his rendition of singing "america the beautiful." >> i'm barack obama and i approved this message. ♪ oh beautiful, for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ above the fruited plain ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good with brother hood ♪ >> the lesson here is do not get caught singing "god bless
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america" on tape unless you're a grammy nominated singer. former white house chief of staff, rahm emanual, weighed in yesterday with some advice for the republican candidate. >> give it up about stephanie. don't worry about that. what are you going to do when the chinese leader says something to you, are you going to whine? you cannot do that. as mitt romney says to his own republican colleagues -- stop whining, i give him his own advice. stop whining, if you want to claim bain capital is your calling card to the white house, then defend what happened to bain capital and those jobs that went overseas, the jobs that were cut and eliminated and the companies that went into bankruptcy. >> while the romney campaign would like to put the focus back on the lackluster june jobs report, they are instead facing growing pressure to be more transparent about the candidate's personal finances. romney has said he would only release tax returns from the years 2010 and 2011. which he's already made available. but a number of influential republicans are calling on him to do more. and in order to put the subject
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to rest. >> he should release the tax returns tomorrow. it's crazy, you've got to release six, eight ten years of taxes, take the hit for a day or two and give a serious speech on thursday, in which he says we've had this ridiculous debate about when i took my leave from bain and you can now look to my tax returns. now let's have a debate about capitalism and business and jobs. >> if something is going to come out, get it out in a hurry. i do not know why, given that mr. romney knew the day that mccain lost in 2008, that he was going to run for president again, that he didn't get all of this out and tidy up some of his offshore accounts and all the rest. he's done nothing illegal, nothing unseemly, nothing improper but lots that's impolitic and he's now in the politics business. >> and then there is this, from alabama's republican governor, robert bentley. quoted by the a.p. saying quote, if you have things to hide, then maybe you're doing things wrong. i think you ought to be willing to release everything to the
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american people. after the comments went viral, governor bentley quickly back-tracked saying he was taken out of context. also this morning, a major development in syria, as the international committee of the red cross says it now considers the conflict a civil war. that means international humanitarian law now applies, raising the possibility of prosecution for war crimes. this as some of the heaviest fighting yet has erupted in the capital of damascus. at least five people were killed. nbc's ayman mohedin joins us with more. what's the latest in the brutal conflict? >> good morning, luke. you talk about the international community of the red cross. that's a very important decision. international law applies and it will be used as an argument that justifies why the rebels are allowed to take up arms. according to the international humanitarian law sides are al w allowed to use force to advance
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their aims. this is's that's going to be seen as an attempt to escalate violence. the violence is reaching damascus for the first time in ways never seen before. it's being called the most intense day of fighting on sunday. in the heart of the capital, clashes between opposition rebels and government forces in some of the neighborhoods that up until now have not seen that kind of violence that has ravaged the rest of the country. activists yesterday reported dozens of people killed in protest and clashes with government forces all across the country. the peace plan is all effectively but dead and that is ahead of a deadline on july 20th when the united nations is going to decide whether or not to resume that peace plan. for the time being, inside syria, the syrian military saying the incident that took place in termesa was not a massacre. the united nations did manage to enter the village. they're saying it doesn't look like a massacre, but in fact a lopsided attack by the syrian military against rebel forces. luke? >> thank you so much for joining
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us. secretary of state hillary clinton is in israel this morning. the last stop on her 13-day foreign tour. she is scheduled to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu to discuss issues ranging from iran's nuclear program to the political transition in egypt. clinton arrived in tel aviv after spending two days in egypt meeting with the country's new president, mohammed morsi. the former muslim brotherhood member said egypt would respect the international treaties. tense moments at secretary of state clinton's motorcade passed about i protesters, they threw shoes, tomatoes and water bottles at the convoy. protesters chanted "monica." a reference to the monica lewinsky scandal that took place during her husband's tenure as president. the state department said mrs. clinton's car was not in danger. now to business, the new york times is reporting that the justice department is building criminal cases against some of the world's biggest banks over the manipulation of interest rates. government investigators are
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looking into allegations that financial firms altered rates in an effort to bolster profits and fend off questions about their economic health and the global financial crisis. an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's carolyn shober is live in london and joins us now. what do we have in monday, carolyn? >> let me give you the latest on the libor fixing probe. it stands for london interbank offered rate. this is the bank at which banks lend to eacher and it's the basis of trillions of financial transactions in this world. and the libor rate was manipulated by a number of banks during the financial crisis. the investigation has brought down the management of uk-based bank, barclays and is spelling over to the u.s. because "the new york times" reporting over the weekend, that the u.s. justice department is building criminal cases against a number of banks. it didn't say which banks.
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but we know that among the u.s. banks being implicated, jpmorgan, citigroup and bank of america. also what does it mean for the u.s. banks? well morgan stanley came out with an interesting estimate a couple of days ago. as saying that the total regulatory fines for all the 12 banks being implicated could amount to $22 billion. that would be quite a massive cost. also for u.s. banks it could reduce 2012 eps by between 4% and 13%. back over to you. >> carolyn, thanks so much. appreciate it. still ahead on "way too early" -- just months after linsanity swept the big apple, it appears the new york knicks may be ready to yet their young point guard walk. the latest on jeremy lin's future and an update on another star knick who found himself in handcuffs over the weekend. oh my god, the new york media market, what will they do. and the quiet police strike in london where the plug is pulled on a concert featuring none over than the boss and paul
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mccartney. we'll tell you why that epic music duo was, get this, pushed off of the stage before they wanted to finish. plus get a check on the weather, when "way too early" comes right back. it's hot out there on the acela corridor. it does now seem certain that they went down in the crash of a single-engine plane that kennedy was flying last night to martha's vineyard off massachusetts. as the news spread across america throughout the day, there was a common reaction, this is unbelievable. that family truly is cursed. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone...
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who says that msnbc does not give you all the music you need in your early-morning hours. bill karen joins me now for the weather. bill, it was hot as hades here in d.c. yesterday. i was reading the report. it looks like it's going to be in the 100s all this week. how are we looking in your neck of the woods of the united states of america, bill, because you're a national man. >> yes, but i'll personalize for you every now and then, luke. the humidity is different. the i-95 corridor for this little mini heat wave is a the although more humid than the last one. that was a dry heat. this one the humidity is up and the temperatures are up. a lot of people are going to feel it we had the thunderstorms roll through new england last night. those are gone. much of the country, we're rain-free, the sun is just going to beat down on us this morning. and it's going to get hot in a hurry. here's our latest installment of our summer heat wave. the worst of it today around minneapolis to green bay, both spots have a chance of hitting 100 degrees today. and then all the hot air is going to blow to the eastern
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seaboard. it's a three-day heat wave. it looks like today we're going to peak out somewhere around near 100 as i mentioned in the northern plains. not enjoyable from st. louis to indianapolis. even all the way through the east coast, 93 to about 96. let me take you through the next three days. i think we peak out tuesday and wednesday. that's when we should see the hottest temperatures. it looks like about wednesday or thursday, a cold front will cool off much of the country. but even that, you know, we're only cooling off from say, 99 to say 90. not like we're really getting a break. >> hot, hot, hot. bill karins, always a pleasure to see you on a monday morning at 5:45. be well. to sports now, less than 48 hours, in less than 48 hours, we'll find out if linsanity could possibly be bigger. espn reports that the new york knicks do not plan to match the houston rockets three-year, $25 million offer to point guard jeremy lin. they have until 11:59 on tuesday
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it make a move. the structure of the rockets offer would gain him $14.5 million in the deal would put the knicks over the luxury threshold if they close to match it. knicks star carmelo anthony struck a critical tone if he thought lin would be back saying quote, it's not up to me, it's up to the organization to say what they want to match that ridiculous contract. end quote. the knicks will not be short on point guards if they decide to let lin go, they acquired raymond felton and jason kidd in the off-season. kidd's start got off to a rocky start when he was arrested and charged with d.u.i. after driving his escalade into a telephone pole near his home in the hamptons. there's been better opening acts. bryce harper found himself in a little dust-up with marlins manager, ozzie guillen. guillen had questioned the amount of pine tar on the bat in the first inning and questioned
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it in the fourth. causing bryce harper to point at the marlins bench. harper did switch bats during the course of the game and finished the day over four. the nationals went on to win 4-0. take that one, ozzie. if bryce harper is the next george brett, we will all be happy in washington. the yankees hosting the suddenly red-hot angels in the bronx, first inning, mark teixeira accidentally throws his bat into the crowd and check out who comes up with it -- director spike lee. he does msnbc "lean forward" commercials and protect people from flying objects, showing off his swing to the crowd. he tweeted, special shout to my man mark teixeira for signing the bat that flew into the yankees stadium. when the bat is headed to you, run/duck. let's go to the ball game, third inning, a bid for extra bases, but curtis granderson is there to rob it with a terrific grab at the wall. top of the ninth, mark trumble
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sends a shot into the left field seats for a solo homer. angels go up 10-5 on that home run. yankees have a chance down by two with the bases loaded but a-rod pops it up and albert pujols gets under it with a final out of the game. the angels win it 10-8. rough start at the beginning of the year, but they're coming on strong. the philadelphia phillies have having the worst start of the year but a play by one of their minor leaguers should be cause for some optimism. juwan james tracks down a sure home run, climbs a wall and somehow comes down with the ball in his bare hand, despite losing his glove over the fence, take another look at that. james got a glove on it. managed to switch the ball to the other hand when his glove started to come off, sadly the unbelievable play wasn't enough to give the redding phillies the win. but a huge win for the name juwan, after juwan took the name
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through the gutter all of those years. a number of republicans turn up the heat on their own presidential candidate it release his tax return. the "morning joe" crew weighs on on mitt romney's campaign strategy and what role his personal finances may play in the race for the white house. and when we come back here, we'll had you hadding around the water cooler to watch one of the worst endings to a concert in history. it's the worst. tell me that you don't want to be the guy that pulled the plug on the boss and a former beatle. if you were that guy, i don't know how you live with yourself this morning. we'll be right back. for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch...from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air.
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we told you at the top of the show, that some republicans have now joined the chorus of democrats insisting that mitt romney release more than one year of tax returns, in line of precedent set by george romney, his father when he disclosed 12 years of financial records in his 1968 bid for the presidency. not all candidates have released multiple years of returns, if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that ronald reagan released just one year of federal income tax returns when running for president in 1980. after being pressured to match president jimmy carter's financial disclosure, reagan released his 1979 tax returns just weeks before accepting the republican nomination probably
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easier to do that in the nontwitter age. enough of the real news, let's gather around the water cooler to talk about a once in a lifetime moment in rock and roll history. sir paul mccartney joined the boss, bruce springsteen on stage sunday night in london's hyde park. the only problem, their mikes were cut out by concert organizers before they were done. are you kidding me? nbc's duncan golasani has the full report pulitzer journalism right here. ♪ two, three, four >> reporter: two music legends, one one incredible finale. until that is, someone cut the microphones. springsteen's good-bye silent to the crowd. and just left the sound of booing. among the 65,000 fans, was nbc's kier simmons. >> they didn't seem to know what was going on, you've got
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mccartney, you've got springsteen, they're playing beatles numbers, it's amazing, people are dancing and then suddenly -- silence. they're still singing, the band is playing, but you can't hear it. >> just minutes earlier, it would have been so different springsteen is renoun for giving fans more. he had already played for three hours when sir paul mccartney surprised the crowd by joining him. performing beatles hits like "twist and shout." but re dents in the affluent neighborhood surrounding hyde park have demanded a noise curfew and the concert was already over the limit when it was suddenly shut down. angry e street band guitarist steven van zandt took to twitter saying english cops may be the only individuals left on earth who wouldn't want to hear one more from bruce springsteen and paul mccartney. another, when i'm jamming with mccartney, don't bug me.
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neither group is saying who stopped the music. >> it was a bit of music. >> today london's mayor said the stars should have been allowed to play on. instead, this performance will be remembered as the day the boss broke curfew. and the plugs got pulled. that day in 1776 when we declared independence from that nation looks so much bet they are morning. england -- truly a nation still of tyrannical rule. if you don't allow bruce springsteen and paul mccartney to finish their show? my goodness. still ahead, why are you awake? your morning tweets texts and emails are next. look at dan senor reviewing his notes. only in america. oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereal is... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland!
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at the top of the show, we asked you why are you awake? producer john tower has the answers. johnny, what do we got? >> a patrick in tennessee writes, just back from london and saturday night springsteen performance in hyde park. my hours are still upside down. what a spectacular show. >> what a spectacular show, patrick, but the british do not like freedom, to finish the
5:59 am
greatest rock and roll shows of all time. you deserve better but welcome back to the free shores of america. thanks, john. "morning joe" starts now. i'll be back on "daily rundown" see you at 9:00. first of all you're not going to apologize. >> we won't be apologizing and i don't -- sometimes these games are played during political campaigns. understand what issue is here. mr. romney claims he's mr. fix-it for the economy because of the -- his business experience and so i think voters entirely and legitimately want to know what was that business experience. and as the head of a private equity firm his job was to maximize profits and help wealthy investors. nothing wrong with that. that company also was investing in companies "the washington post" calls pioneers of outsourcing and he's now claiming i wasn't there at the


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